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Race and Equity Policies

Racialized and radicalized theories feature words and approaches that are used by special interest groups to politicize students’ cultures, color, race, gender, sexuality etc. in the classroom, such as:

Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Transformational Social Emotional Learning
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Other divisive, identity-based approaches

Many of these ideologies are themselves intrinsically racist, sexist, and divisive.  One of the most often heard arguments for CRT we hear is that we, as parents and citizens, don’t understand it so we don’t have the capacity to debate it. 

We’re more than aware of the Marxist origins of these ideas and believe they shouldn’t be practiced in any form in our schools.

Explore the links and video below to learn specifically how to help your kids recognize divisive theories being applied in their schools.

Instruction in health — Parental consent requirements — Conduct and speech of school employees and volunteers — Political and religious doctrine prohibited. (Effective 5/12/2020)

Prohibits “political, atheistic, sectarian, religious, or denominational doctrine” being taught in public schools, with exceptions listed in Utah State Code 53G-10-202.

Utah State Code 53G-10-402


A guide from Parents Defending Education.

School activists are employing an array of new words and phrases to describe their beliefs and goals.

Understanding  Woke Jargon

This summer, state-wide training required for Utah teachers had a disturbing focus on equity. The training was created by the The Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative (EJ-ROC)

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard – EJ-ROC | NYU Steinhardt

Health & Covid Policies

Government efforts to play God and control Covid outcomes have not reduced the transmission of the virus. 

The state of Utah, thanks to the Legislature putting control over health policy into the hands of unelected health commissioner bureaucrats, has created confusion and a rush by officials to try to reissue restrictive mandates based on politics, not a reasoned analysis of the available science.

So what are your options as a parent or teacher? Explore the links below to specifically help you and your kids understand your options as to current Covid policies.



This ruling, effective JANUARY 2020, prohibits any physical restraint that obstructs the airway of a student or adversely affects a student’s primary mode of communication.

Yes, you read that right. So if your local school or district required your kids to wear masks in the 2020-21 or the 2021-2022 school years, they were or are acting in violation of this statewide ruling, which somehow everyone in charge completely forgot (or didn’t know) existed until now. (H/T Natalie Cline) 


House Bill 1007 prohibits any Local Education Authority (e.g., districts and schools) from mandating masks for any individuals. 

This bill DOES NOT stop a county health department from recommending mask mandates or local county governing bodies from instituting mask mandates.

HB1007 (utah.gov)

[UTAH] State Immunization
Immunization Exemptions – Immunize Utah

[Not UTAH specific] Employee, military, and student exemption forms based on religious (non-denominational, Protestant, and Catholic) objections. Supporting documentation also included.


Social Emotional Learning

When they first hit schools, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) techniques were billed as “the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.”

This sounds benign, even desirable, at face value. But what observers have noticed is that SEL has become more integrated into classrooms as way of exposing students’ private lives, emotional needs, and familial
belief systems to the scrutiny of teachers, faculty, and other students.

Even worse, data-mining companies provide tech platforms and curriculum to collect sensitive data on your child under the name of providing SEL services. This is also called known as Regulatory Capture, where special interests end up profiting by the decisions of  policymakers at the expense of the real constituency that policymakers are there to serve in the first place (in this case, your kids).   

Surveys administered by these outside interests ask children scholastically irrelevant and subjective questions such as “Do students in your school need support or help [to] recognize and defend human rights?” or “Do students in your school need support or help with respect for other cultures and viewpoints?” These examples came from CTE Surveys and are from the Granite School district at the Junior High level.

Improper and intrusive curriculum is not limited to these examples. 

Social Emotional Learning environments reward and celebrate personal attitudes and circumstances that are deemed “acceptable” because they fit a progressive outlook (i.e., favoring collectivism over individualism, gender non-conformity over gender norms, race essentialism over non-discrimination, subjectivity over objectivity, outcome disparities as ipso facto proof of discrimination, etc.).

Conversely, children whose thinking doesn’t conform to this mold are told their attitudes are “not inclusive,” “insensitive,” “biased,” “privileged,” and “racist.” 

In an SEL framework, schools displace families as the main definer and transmitter of personal and social valuesthis is unacceptable to parents

Through techniques like “sharing circles,” surveys, “emotional health journals,” and “affinity groups,” complicit teachers create the classroom conditions to open the door to replacing “outdated mindsets” with ones that are supportive of the following ideologies listed below. Click to read more.

  • One’s race is essential to one’s identity and place in society.
  • Society is systemically racist toward minority groups, particularly blacks and native and Latin Americans.
  • Outcome disparities among any in these groups compared to groups considered “privileged” (Caucasians, Asians) is regarded as proof of societal discrimination.
  • Restorative justice, reparations, or redistribution of wealth by current generations is required to address injustices participated in by previous generations.
  • Rejection of biological norms as restrictive to individual identity.
  • Denial of biological binary of male and female and assertion that sex, sexual expression, and attractional identity exist on a “spectrum” to be defined by each individual.
  • Societally-enforced acceptance of non-conforming sexual and gender identity expression through the use of preferred pronouns, restroom and locker facilities, and sports not being single-sex specific, etc.
  • Objective or universal standards of truth do not exist across cultures, nor even uniformly within Westernized cultures.
  • One culture cannot be considered superior or exceptional to another.
  • Western (European/Greek classical traditions of knowledge, democracy, and Enlightenment principles) culture should be de-emphasized and deprioritized in favor of “equitable” treatment of other cultures.
  • Individuals are subservient to the collective, or group. 
  • Group identity and rights are emphasized over individual rights.
  • The idea of Utilitarianism, or “The greatest good for the greatest number” is used to justify a tyranny of the majority.