Alternative Schooling Options

There are many options for how to run your schooling from home. Take the quiz if you are not sure where to start, and follow the links in the list to learn more about each: What type of homeschooling is best for my family?

Classical LIberal Curriculum

The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum | K-12 American Classical Education

  • Initial history lessons on the American founding and the Civil War for Kindergarten-12th grade
  • Complete civics and government courses for middle and high school
  • Hillsdale College-vetted book, online course, and resource recommendations
  • Student-ready primary sources
  • Sample assignments, activities, and assessments
  • An Introduction that includes the principles of the curriculum, pedagogical guidance, and advice for adopting the curriculum


How to start homeschooling:

You will need to submit an affidavit for each child not going to public schools.

Sample Affidavit #1

Sample Affidavit #2

Completing an affidavit is easy:

Print out complete an affidavit for each student
Get them notarized
Take to your local school district. This is your official opt-out

You will do this once unless you move to another district or make changes to your homeschool arrangements, e.g., decide to dual-enroll (teach them part-time at home and send them part-time to a public school) your children. Dual enrollment can provide you more flexibility if you want more control over certain subjects being taught to your children.: