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The USBE has injured public confidence in the board’s ability to constitutionally, ethically, and fairly conduct its business on behalf of Utah families. They have enabled special interests (UEA, NEA, CASEL, Utah Pride Center, etc.) to shift the focus of schools from academics, the arts, and sports to social activism, identity politics, and institutionalized discrimination.

Academic Integrity Movement

AIM & Other UtAH Parent Groups Issue Reprimand of UTah STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION
OCTOBER 7, 2021

"[We] are unaware of any other time when parents have felt compelled to reprimand you as USBE members for embodying the very intolerance you claim you won’t tolerate in our children’s schools—until now...."

Read the rest of the reprimand here

It's Time To Push Back On An Education System That Indoctrinates, Subordinates, And Dictates To Students.
Increase Your Insight And Input About What Happens In Your Children's Classrooms.

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Schooling is a matter of habit and attitude training. It takes place from the outside in. Education is a matter of self-mastery, first....There are points where the two conditions inform one another, but in schooling, somebody else's agenda is always uppermost. 

You can easily compensate for a lack of schooling...but without education you will stumble through life.

-John Taylor Gatto

Our mission

Academic Integrity Movement, or AIM, was formed in 2021 as a non-partisan group of parents and former and current educators who want to share ideas and information to improve education ethically in Utah.

We hope to be a gathering place for like-minded individuals who need to know they’re not alone in thinking public education has lost its way.

We also act as a watchdog on our government institutions to ensure they are protecting and respecting the liberties and academic priorities of the parents and children they are elected or appointed to serve.

When we see policies and practices that place political or corporate agendas above the needs of students, we push back. And when we see opportunities to make the system more responsive, flexible, and accountable, we push forward.

By having parents, students, and teachers acting AIM affiliates in every school, we hope to serve notice that kids are not a means to someone else’s end, but rather the entire end, in and of themselves.




We connect through outreach, meetings, and public forums to create strong local networks of involved families and educators concerned about restoring checks and balances to the school system.

We support the voices of parents, students, and teachers by providing a qualified, non-partisan presence at state and local governments and boards, holding leaders accountable to the people they represent through transparent and ethical academic practices and policies.

We empower by offering innovative ideas and alternatives to help parents, students, and teachers reaffirm personal control and boundaries over their academic and professional development experiences.

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